• Support for Raspberry Pi 3

    We are happy to release the RTAndroid package for Raspberry Pi 3 based on AOSP N Preview!  You can find it in the download section.

    25/05/2016 / Igor Kalkov / 17

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    • KarnageRage

      Is it possible to run it on a “Raspberry Pi 2”?

    • Igor Kalkov

      No, sorry. We dropped support for RPi2 because of performance issues.

    • Thomas Brower

      I still boot for the first time what’s the problem it’s been 45 mins?

    • Terry Brice

      Hello, I have no sound on ports HDMI or Jack, is this normal ?

    • Michele Loconte

      No sound on HDMI or Jack

    • Ragul Rg

      can i get unlimited version of Android N for Raspberry Pi 3 ?

    • Igor Kalkov

      We will offer activation licenses in early 2017.

    • Fernando J. Pelicano de Sousa

      Hello! And what about sound? Will it be available soon?

    • Jeff Pang

      is there support for raspberry pi camera?

    • Pedro Fiol


      I’ve installed RTAndroid into my Rapsberry Pi 3 and it works nice. I only want to use my raspberry as a sort of “Android TV box”. So far I’ve been able to install Kodi and specially “Amazon Prime Video” on it and both of them work as expected. However, I’ve noticed that on Amazon Prime Video, while playing any video sometimes it suddenly encodes the image which turns unwatchable. This happens randomly, it may look perfect for 10 minutes, and then it just gets scrambled. If I use the scroll-bar to resume the clip where it was it just plays the movie fine back again. Very strange to be honest. If put subtitles, then the subtitles look perfectly fine all the time, but the video behind the subtitles looks encoded. The audio works perfectly at all time. It might be related to Amazon’s video DRM, but why it works just “sometimes”?

      Any other idea?

    • Romain QUATTER

      Is there a possibility to use touch screen with the Pi 3 and RTAndroid?

    • http://max.devaine.cz Max Devaine

      where I can set persistent static IP address on ethernet interface (eth0)?
      Thank you

    • Isaac Bishop Duncan

      I am trying to watch videos with the youtube app, but i dont get any picture. i get video prompts for ads and watermarks but no picture. any help?

    • Milan Joaquin

      Yes. I don’t know about the official touchscreen, but it works great with other ones. (HDMI/usb)

    • Pablo Gabriel Costela

      I am trying to watch videos with the youtube or netflix app, but i dont get any image. i get video prompts for ads and watermarks but no picture. any help?
      Google Play Services stop every moment, all the time. Dont work!
      Google playstore dont work.

    • Fernando

      Hi, how can I run my raspberry camera or a usb camera with rtandroid, I can not. Thank you

    • Juan Carlos

      I am also interested to know if there is support for the PI camera V2