• RPi3 Images for Windows (Beta)

    For a long time we didn’t provide RTAndroid images which can be flashed on Windows since our build infrastructure cannot create them automatically yet. After receiving a huge number of requests we’ve decided to upload a beta image based on the last build. It is created manually and we would like to hear whether it actually makes the flashing process easier for you. Please don’t hesitate to post a comment below.

    16/03/2017 / Igor Kalkov / 4

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    • RT Alec

      Thanks for providing ability to flash an RPI3 image from Windows. Judging from the number of downloads, this is a worthwhile effort.

    • Milan Joaquin

      Where can these be found? I can only find the linux one.

    • Artur

      Very useful image, avoiding lengthy installation process through Linux under e.g. VMWare.

    • Milan Joaquin

      This is very helpful and saves lots of time! Are you planning on doing this with the newer versions as well?