Installing RTAndroid requires root access. This process may damage your device permanently and/or void its warranty. We take no responsibility for any damage caused.

Missing a Device?

The platform is easily portable to a wide range of mobile devices and embedded boards. Feel free to send us a message and request a real-time extension for your target platform. Or just post a comment below.

  • Abhipray Sahoo


    This project looks really promising and I would love to try it out. We use Nexus 5X phones for our applications and were wondering how difficult or easy would it be for you to develop an extension for the 5X running Android N?


  • Jerry Lian

    No much discussions? I am also interested in this project, considering so many used android phones to be played with.
    Is this project still active? as the last comment was made six months ago.

  • Igor Kalkov

    Hi Jerry, I think the activity depends on the category… There is a lot of comments on the page for Raspberry Pi 🙂
    I’ll answer your e-mail as soon as I get back to office.

  • Milan Joaquin

    Could you put this on a disk and run it off a PC?

  • Gustavonando Silva

    How can I install it using mac? Someone can hep me?

  • 9291Sam

    Port to the samsung galaxy tab 3? model SM-T210R if so then you would be the only group making a rom for that device!