Safety and dependability of software-controlled systems


Introduction to dependability and safety techniques:

  • Design and analysis methods supporting the dependability and safety of embedded systems
  • Dependability/safety modelling
  • Dependability/safety measures and analyses
  • Software faults, software failure
  • Mechanisms of HW/SW fault tolerance
  • Risk analysis, risk acceptance criteria
  • Safety norms

This lecture is presented in English. Diese Vorlesung wird auf Englisch gehalten.


  • Tuesdays 15:45-17:15 hrs (AH III) (lecture/tutorial)
  • Fridays 14:45-16:15 Uhr (AH III) (lecture)

First lecture of the semester takes place on 10 April 2012.

Announcements and course material

Announcements, slides, videos and other material can be found at the L2P site of this course.


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