Get Started

This page contains a tutorial that explains how to create a simple real-time application for RTAndroid.


Please install RTAndroid onto your respective device.  For example: step-by-step instructions for RTAndroid on Google Nexus 10.

ADB Setup

  • Download and install the Android SDK.
  • Make sure that your device-specific USB driver is installed.
  • Make sure that USB debugging is enabled on the device:
    1. Navigate to Settings -> About
    2. Tap 7 times on the section Build number
    3. Navigate to the new section Developer options in the settings
    4. Activate Android debugging
    5. Connect the smartphone / tablet to your PC and confirm the RSA key
    6. The command adb devices (in /path-to-SDK/platform-tools/) should now list at least one device
    7. If required, monitor Logcat output by executing adb logcat

Required Downloads

Please download and install Android Studio. After the installation, go ahead and download the RTAndroid API.

Create Project

Create a new Android project with API level 22.

Open the app folder in the root directory of your new project and create a folder named api. Download and extract the RTAndroid API and copy the jar-File into the newly created api folder.

7. Open the build.gradle file in the app directory and insert the following line into the dependencies section:

provided fileTree(dir: 'api', include: 'rtandroid-20151105.jar')

Make sure to use the correct name for the jar-file.

8. Open the AndroidManifest.xml file of your application and add the following line to the application section

<uses-library android:name="rtandroid.sdk" />


Sample application can be found at GitHub.