Real-Time Android Devices

Real-Time Android

RTAndroid makes real-time Android possible. Our platform provides support for applications with real-time requirements while preserving all benefits of Android. Extended system components augment the new platform with a predictable and deterministic real-time behavior. By creating a reliable execution environment for general purpose mobile devices, RTAndroid can be used as a low-cost platform for data monitoring and visualization or in the field of industrial automation and control.

The platform has been carefully designed based on more than 5 years of research experience in Android and real-time systems. Started with Android 2, our latest update package is based on the latest Android 7.1.1 release, preserving the standard Android application programming model, as well as the full compatibility to already existing Android components and third-party software.

Feature Overview

Modular Design
The system is built from over 500 components, offering a very high degree of customizability. This allows RTAndroid to be easily tailored to individual requirements for the target platform.
Precise Timings
The underlying real-time Linux and extended platform components allow RTAndroid to execute user-defined tasks with high precision of up to several microseconds.
Protected Processes
Persistent monitoring or controlling tasks executed in the background can be reliably protected from being unintentionally suspended or terminated by the Android system.

Supported Devices

Samsung Galaxy S4

  • Type: 5.0" Smartphone
  • CPU: 1.9 GHz Quad-Core
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB

Google Nexus 10

  • Type: 10.0" Tablet PC
  • CPU: 1.7 GHz Dual-Core
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB


  • Type: Development Board
  • CPU: 2.0 GHz Octa-Core
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Connectivity: GPIO, USB

Raspberry Pi 3

  • Type: Development Board
  • CPU: 1.2 GHz Quad-Core
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Connectivity: GPIO, USB

Missing a Device?


The platform is easily portable to a wide range of mobile devices. Feel free to send us a message and request a real-time extension for your target platform.

Related Publications

Real-Time Android Extension
This work presents an extension of the Android platform with improved real-time capabilities, but without loss of original functionality and compatibility to existing components.
Real-Time Communication
The proposed approach introduces a priority-based Intent broadcasting mechanism and a concept to improve the real-time capability of Android's inter- and intraprocess communication.
Real-Time Garbage Collection
New concept for a real-time capable, automatic memory management mechanism for real-time Android improves the timing and predictability of the process behavior.